We realise the importance of practical knowledge going hand in hand with theoretical, classroom learning. That is why we organise a variety of activities that help students to understand and learn subjects well.

The Royal Way

In our school, the focus in on “KASSM”. KASSM stands for knowledge, attitudes, skills and social and moral values. The teachers at Royal are taught to strengthen and develop all these qualities in students.

Experiential Learning

This learning method inculcates winning habits in students from a very young age. This is done through various character building activities that strengthen the moral fibre of students and help them face different kinds of situations. We also employ a concept called “Right-Mix” where subjects with a common root are taught together. For example, teaching art and literature together makes more sense and provides the students a better insight into the subjects.

Project-based learning

At Royal, students are encouraged to explore complex topics through various projects. Project-based learning ensures that students involve themselves in the subject and master its basic principles well. We are also developing a platform where the projects done by students are presented to audiences beyond school.

Field trips and educational tours

Field trips and educational tours are a regular feature at Royal. From one-day field trips to out-of-station educational tours, we make sure that our students are exposed to realities of the outside world. Field trips will enable students to experience what they have learnt in class first-hand.


Club activities on all working Saturdays include:

  • Tamil Illakkiya Mandram
  • Linguistic club
  • Science club
  • Social club
  • Math club
  • Sports club
  • Health club