Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities shape a child’s personality. We make sure that our students excel in all disciplines.


Physical activity is a very important factor that contributes to the well-being of a person. At Royal, we inculcate the importance of fitness in our students right from the word go and consider sports as an extension of academic learning. All students are encouraged to participate in various sporting activities as per their liking. Students learn the art of staying fit, working in a team and exhibiting leadership skills while playing a game. We also give equal weightage to all sports. We have roped in Master Dhanush, an ace handball player to encourage our students. Few of the facilities that students get at Royal are, a multi technology gym, indoor games area, basketball court, throw ball court, shuttle court, tennis court and all the requirements necessary to play football and cricket.


Swimming is a key area of focus at Royal. Swimming sessions relax the mind and body and help in eliminating stress. Also, swimming is a great workout mechanism for the entire body. At Royal, we have a semi-size Olympic pool, a feature that is first in the Namakkal dist.

Social Responsibility:

A school’s duty is to create socially aware and responsible students. We organise regular awareness drives to promote different social causes ranging from saving trees to maintaining a clean environment. The school also has exclusive clubs dedicated to special causes. Social service camps are also conducted frequently. Recently, a rally was conducted from Bhavani to Koodothurai to create awareness among the masses regarding the toxic effects of plastic. Our students spoke about eradicating plastic from Bhavani and making it a plastic-free zone. A tree plantation campaign was also organized in the school premises by teachers who donated saplings.

Participation in events:

Students of Royal are regulars at some of the top learning events in the district. The KSSC Meet held at Erode is one such competition in which our students have proven their skills.

Scouts and Guides:

One of the best ways to instill leadership qualities in students is through participation in Scouts and Guides. At Royal, we make a serious contribution to nation-building through these activities. The Green Corps events provide a perfect platform to promote camaraderie and resilience, the qualities that make world-class leaders.

Student Council:

We Are The Crowd That Makes You Proud
Student Council represents a body of student captains meant for the overall discipline at school. There is Head Boy assisted by Assistant Head Girl.. Sports Captaincy is led by Sports Captain and Sports vice Captain. Besides these there are House representatives consisting of House Captains and House vice Captains. They are in charge of their respective Houses and School discipline, House programs and activities.

The House System:

From You To Us For You
All the students and staff are divided among four Houses: Akash, Agni, Hawa and Jal. Each House is headed by House Captain and House Vice Captain and the House Master and the House Mistress are in-charge of them. Points are scored in House programs/activities and Inter-House competitions, sports and club activities. The House that scores the highest score will be awarded along with the runners-up at an annual event.


We have a football ground, volleyball ground and a basketball court, ground for Kho Kho, space for skating and a playground with a fun park for kids. Games like Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, Kho-Kho, Volley Ball, Throw-Ball, Badminton/Shuttle, Football, Basketball, and Tennis take place with regularity. Athletic Events (Track events, Jumps and Throws) and Swimming practice in a Semi-Olympic size swimming pool is also a regular event at Royal. There is a skating practice session every Friday and students take immense pleasure in participating in the training sessions.
The school envisages a bright future for its students by exposing them to activities which incorporate Band Troupe, Karate, yoga, Archery, Rifle Shooting etc.

Participation in events:

Students of Royal are regulars at some of the top learning events in the district. First school at KSSC events to bag prizes in diverse sports under different categories for four consecutive years. Royal is a natural choice for the young minds as they reap laurels at various contests held at KSSC and other events.