New Teaching Aids:
  • Classes are made exciting with the use of audio-visual aids like LCD projectors and audio players
  • Subjects are taught like stories using multimedia
  • Language labs, science and mathematics labs and computer science labs encourage students to learn practically
  • The usage of black board is minimal
Learning-friendly Classrooms:
  • Classrooms are designed like studios with provision for all audio-video equipment
  • The rooms are large and properly ventilated
  • The teacher-student ratio is 1:24
  • The teacher has ample time to concentrate on every student
Exclusive Playground:
  • A vast play-area to accommodate all kinds of sports like basketball, volley ball, tennis, hockey, football, roller skating and so much more
  • Separate area for each game
  • Students are trained by professional coaches in their respective areas of specialisation
  • Meditation, yoga and gardening are also offered to students
Top-class Medical Facility:
  • General Medical Checkup for every student
  • A thorough medical examination for all students every six months
  • Medical records are maintained for all students
Transport Facility – On Time, On Task, On Call

Royal School bus service is available to students from almost all the areas in the locality with GPS Tracking facility. The service has been adequate and agreeable to the staff, the students and the parents. Most students at school avail themselves of the full range of these bus services.

Field Trips & Study Tours – The World Is Worth Watching

A series of field trips to places of industrial and cultural importance were conducted and participated by Royal students. The visit to Aavin Milk Dairy is an instance of these many field trips. Educational excursions are also periodically organized to cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Kochi, Hyderabad etc..

There have been many medical check-ups by qualified Medical Practitioners and the results were notified to the parents. A routine free Dental and Eye check-up will be organized during the Medical Camp. There have been a row of demo programs at Royal School. Fire and Safety Demo at Royal was one of them.

Field Of Festivities – Life Is Short & The World Is Wide

A continuity of celebrations like Pongal, Christmas, Gholu, Colour Day Celebrations, Kamarajar Birthday Celebrations, highlights religiosity and gaiety. Royal students celebrate the major festivals with utmost vibe and vigour. There are celebrations of Onam with exquisite floral decorations, Diwali with fun and frolic, Van Mahotsav with a lofty purpose of saving the mother earth, Navaratri Golu with the joy of prosperity and camaraderie, Christmas with celebratory yuletide events, Eid-al-Fitr with participatory events signifying its importance

Hostel Facility – Love Where You Live

The centre of attraction for any residential school is its hostel. Boys and girls have separate hostels at appropriate distance with fully air conditioned dorms and equipped with convenient furniture and fittings, cozy beds and in-unit laundry facilities. Hostel students have training session after school hours, which prepares them for matches or events at cluster level as well as regional level. They are encouraged to participate in such activities. Besides students’ hostels the campus also has a suit of residential self-contained apartments for non-native staff or faculty.


Refectory – A Healthy Food For A Wealthy Mood

A fully equipped, rightly man-powered and functional kitchen provides hygienic, balanced and specified diet to cater to the dietary and nutritional needs of the students and the staff. The refectory accommodates well-equipped modernized cooking appliances, hygienic catering and purified drinking water

Achievements – Today Is The Tomorrow We Worried About Yesterday

A numerous sports events witnessed the presence of Royal students bagging prestigious prizes to the Royal Household.

Royaleans have been outstanding in their achievements concerning sports and athletics events. Students from Royal bring laurels by winning various competitions at district, state and national levels. A number of students received prestigious awards too.