Principal’s Message

Principal Ms.Anitha Andrew
Ms. Anitha Andrew, Principal

Each child is unique and represent the promise of a better tomorrow. We are committed to excel from the heights of achievements by tapping their talent and potential at a very young stage and mould them into Total Quality Persons.

        There is a plethora of research in the field of Education, Developmental Psychology and Neurosciences that has taught us how every child is different from birth and children have different learning styles and different kinds of intelligence. At Royal,  before teaching academic skills, Co-Curricular and Extra curricular activities, our first taste is to create a safe and secure environment where every  student feel comfortable and motivated to learn. We believe that all students are different and learn differently and we teach them in ways in which they learn best so that they feel a sense of autonomy, self determination and competent.

       In today’s fiercely competitive scenario, being a bookworm alone does not suffice. To help the students exhibit the multifarious talent, ample opportunities are provided at Royal. It is a place where excellence in learning  is a priority. Here a student’s sense of belonging, security and self confidence in the classroom provides the scaffolding that support the foundation for increased learning, motivation, self discipline, responsibility and the ability to deal effectively with challenges in life.

      ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.’ At Royal, we focus on moulding future leaders who will lead our country from the front with their  intellectual vibrancy, commitment, confidence and competence.