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Orange Day Celebration 2018

The “happy” colour “ORANGE” was the colour of the day. The ‘Orange Day‘ was celebrated to acquaint the little ones who were dressed in orange colour,ate oranges and did activities related to the colour. Orange is fun, dynamic and radiates warmth. It stimulates activity, appetite and encourages socialization. Meaning of The Color Orange. … Orange […]

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Blue Day Celebration 2018

Blue is the colour of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence and truth. In order to emphasize the importance of Blue colour, Our Royal International School conducted Blue colour day for Preprimary students on 28th September, 2018. BLUE DAY. The Pre-primary section […]

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Krishna Jayanthi Celebration 2018

Krishna Jayanthi Celebration, also known simply as Janmashtami or Gokulashtami, is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu. … It is an important festival particularly to the Vaishnavism tradition of Hinduism. The birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated as Krishna Janmashtami. It is an annual celebration which […]

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